Life moves so quickly; it is hard to believe that two years has passed since I started this blog.   When I decided to start Living As A Woman In A Fallen World, I wanted a platform to blog about some of the experiences that I had traveling the world, especially as they related to women.  I told myself that I would commit to blog for two years and then I would reassess.

I have to admit starting this blog was never wracking.  I am not for sure why, I guess I wondered who would want to take time to read what I had to say.  What if everyone disagreed with me or thought – “That was a really stupid posting.”  Well, you may have thought that but you were kind enough to keep it to yourself:-)  I did enjoy the process of blogging, especially when you posted comments.

I basically took the month of August off to contemplate if it I should continue with this blog, stop all together, or switch gears.  I decided it was time to say goodbye to this particular blog and go in a different direction.  Let me tell you why.

In March I finished my commitment in Africa, and I am now back in the U.S. re-engineering what I will be doing.  I have decided to go back to one of my other passions and that is stress management and leadership.  For the last six months I have been updating my skills in this area through reading and taking courses, and I just completed the John Maxwell Team certification in speaking, training, and coaching.  It has been a really great experience.

I decided that if this is the field that I am going to work in then it needed to be the sphere in which I blog.   So I have started a new blog, In A Stressful World, and I would like to invite you to follow it.  I will be posting about the latest research on stress –  causes, effects, and ways to deal with it.   Since stress management and leadership principles are so closely interwoven, I also will be including information about leadership.

I would love for you to visit my new website, which also will link you to my John Maxwell website.  If you know of anyone that is interested in a speaker or trainer on stress management and/or leadership will you let them know about me.  I promise to make it engaging and chocked full of easy-to-use information that will help add value to their lives.

Once again thank you for reading by blog and I hope you will follow In A Stressful World.