Dian Wood

I am excited to have my first “guest blogger” on March 15, Dian Wood.  Dian is an educator just like I am.  Although Dian and I have never had the opportunity to meet, a mutual friend, Verna Summerville, introduced us via e-mail.   We found out that we have a common passion.

You will want to read her blog about her experience in Uganda.  However read it at your own risk, because Dian will share her own experience and leave each one of us with a challenge.

Dian is a secondary school art teacher in Owen Sound, Ontario, who has led short-term mission youth/adult teams to Uganda, Brazil’s Amazonia, Sri Lanka, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, and northern British Columbia.  Her passion is helping the poor, teaching the underprivileged, inspiring Western teens (and adults) to become responsible and compassionate global citizens, and telling everyone about how to have life and peace in Jesus Christ.

I look forward to sharing Dian’s thoughts with you on Thursday, March 15.